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When people begin to disappear in a California coastal town, where a series of gruesome murders and the most unimagin-able events take place, a visiting nineteen-year-old heroin addict, Laura Masterson, becomes embroiled in a dark conspiracy of parasitic aliens and biological monstrosities.

While she searches for her father, one of the many missing, she stumbles upon the discovery of an unstoppable invasion of ferocious subterranean creatures that emerge from the sea at nightfall to prey upon the local waterfront populace.

Finding help from a rebellious, street wise juvenile, both Laura—who encounters an obsessive intimate romance from a past high school heartthrob—and her girl friend, team up in order to escape a serial killer and uncover a connection to the murders that may involve others willing to kill to keep the killer’s identity hidden. If they survive, they may face a future more horrific than death.
The debut novel from Chris Roberts, the Long, Lost Exit Home, is a new addition to the great horror sci-fi traditions of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Just hit Bestseller List!
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