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The debut novel from Chris Roberts, The Long, Lost Exit Home, is a new addition to the great horror sci-fi traditions of Stephen King and Dean Koontz.

“The reader encounters pulse pounding, unspeakable razor slashing horror in this terrifying thriller about the invasion of ferocious giant creatures that leaves you with a hair-raising ending of delicious surprise! Where fantasy meets hard core reality, the intriguing sub plot is woven into the story in such a way as to draw the reader far deeper into the story—not allowing your captivation to be broken. You feel compelled to continue to read and to savor each twist that the author delivers with each passing page. The climactic ending is riveting, I voraciously devoured each chapter and awaited what would happen in the next…” —Nostalgic Productions

“The entire story is terrifying and will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting to turn the page to see what is going to happen next. There is forbidden love, killings and a terrifying future for those who survive. For anybody who is into horror movies or stories like ‘Alien vs Predator’ or ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, I would recommend this to you because it is quite graphic as such. There are many twists and turns throughout the entire book and you will be left wide eyed and shocked. The book was well put together and the author obviously has a knack for this genre of stories. The author is quite talented and has a way of making you SEE exactly what is going on in the story and being able to picture it in your head and not just putting words on a page. Well done…” —Big McGaffer

“If you want a non-stop thrill ride that will make your heart race you should try ‘The Long, Lost Exit Home’, a gripping piece by Chris Roberts. Be forewarned, this is not your average sci-fi horror novel! The main character Laura Masterson has come from a life full of its own dark horror in the form of substance abuse. Her life only gets more complicated from there. Roberts describes, in vivid detail, scenes of graphic violence, sadistic murder, revenge, and forbidden love. I haven’t even mentioned the alien monster sea creatures yet. Yes, that’s right, there are even alien monster sea creatures who invade the quiet town of Sealand set on the coast of California. While this story will push boundaries with even the most experienced horror fan, it is in my opinion a fantastic read! I will definitely be on the lookout for another adrenaline pumping thrill ride from Chris Roberts!…” —Fore 20 (Just a taste of written reviews by the readers.)


When people begin to disappear in a California coastal town, where a series of gruesome murders and the most unimaginable events take place, a visiting nineteen-year-old heroin addict, Laura Masterson, becomes embroiled in a dark conspiracy of parasitic aliens and biological monstrosities.

While she searches for her father, one of the many missing, she stumbles upon the discovery of an unstoppable invasion of ferocious subterranean creatures that emerge from the sea at nightfall to prey upon the local waterfront populace.

Finding help from a rebellious, street wise juvenile, both Laura—who encounters an obsessive intimate romance from a past high school heartthrob—and her girlfriend, team up in order to escape a serial killer and uncover a connection to the murders that may involve others willing to kill to keep the killer’s identity hidden. If they survive, they may face a future more horrific than death.

“When night falls, and you’re fast asleep—
The sea will unleash nightmares, that will come to feast!”

I would like to thank all of the readers who have already read this book and left so many wonderful descriptive reviews. Please feel free to leave comments on this page. I will go over them as quickly as possible and reply to them whenever necessary.